Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bowman Family

In a previous life I was a sports writer for a couple different newspapers. I loved the job and it always seemed that my writing was best when under deadline, or under pressure. I'm finding the same thing to be true with photography. You see, I always get nervous taking pictures of good friends. What if they don't turn out as I envisioned? Worse....what if THEY don't like it? As a photographer, I think it's so much easier taking pictures of clients I don't know very well. Not to mention, sometimes it's more fun chatting than 'working' and so sessions tend to take longer. haha. In the end, I've found it a good thing to be nervous. It pushes me to be better. Some of my favorite work has been while 'under pressure'. And, of course, I'd always rather see my images on my friends walls than someone else :)

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Bowman Family said...

I love them and you always do great work. I have never seen a photo of yours that I have not liked. You have got quite a talent.