Thursday, January 7, 2010

From Paradise to the Arctic

Yes, that's where I'm living right now. The arctic, otherwise known as HOTlanta. What?! It's true. On the way to taking my boy to school this morning, the wind chill said that it was 5 (FIVE!) degrees outside. This, after spending two glorious weeks in paradise, otherwise known as Mesa, Arizona in the wintertime. And it wasn't just the weather that was glorious, but it was citrus-picking season to boot. Perfectly ripe oranges and grapefruit, right in my parents backyard, fresh off the tree. I've never seen my children eat so many oranges. Hopefully all that excess vitamin C will help us ward off any nasty illnesses through this frigid winter.

From memories of warmer times...a pic from one of the Arizona shoots.


AZ Mommy said...

Okay I want a girl simply for the darling hats and shoes they can wear!

D said...

That weather sounds pretty rough. You couldn't get me to brave those kinds of temperatures -- anything above zero freaks me out.