Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Polaroid Love

Highlights from our recent family vacation to Orlando -- polaroid style.

Not like you guys really wanted to see 80 pictures from my family vacation, but I rarely post anything "non-DSLR" or personal on here, so I thought I'd fill the quota in one fell swoop :)

As you can probably guess from the photos, we visited Sea World - twice. You just can't beat the ticket deals (compared to some *other* parks there. uh hem.) The kiddos loved it and my four year old daughter said from the moment we got there, that we just had to find the seahorses. It took until half way through day 2 to find them. And once we did, she quickly ran to the tank and insisted we take a picture. When she saw the picture, she let out a high-pitched squeal that sounded something like "CUTE!" I can hardly blame her. After all, seahorses are awesome.

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D said...

These pictures are so great -- and you guys and your kids are at least as cute as any seahorses.