Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lake Lanier Lights!

Family night at the Magical Night of Lights at Lake Lanier. Miles of beautiful, huge Christmas light displays and a fun, albeit overpriced carnival. A shout out to my son's bus driver. On the way home from school, he told her we were going there that evening and she handed him a $10 off coupon. Later, we realized it was only good for "county employees" and an ID was required. Let's just say a flash of the ol MBA school ID sufficed. And another shout out to the awesome family who handed us their roasting sticks and shared a huge bag of marshmallows with us so we could roast over the fire pits. And the craziest part was when we were all loaded on the Ferris wheel and I looked back and saw that all of the electrical cables were submerged underwater below us. I have to admit, I did think for one second about what it would be like getting electrocuted while riding a Ferris wheel and that maybe we would since karma knew we tried to pass off the school ID for a county ID. Thankfully, we survived. But someone really should make sure those cables get out of the water! Gotta love those shady rides with the equally shady workers. Good times!

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D said...

kid in motion + low-light conditions. Sounds like a recipe for terribly fuzzy pictures, but these turned out to be fabulous. I love the feeling of these pics. Something about the tones captures the carnival atmosphere perfectly.