Friday, December 18, 2009


Still have a couple times available for Arizona sessions. Contact me ASAP if you are interested.

Wed, Dec 23, 2pm and 3:30pm(MB)
Sat, Dec 26, 2pm(JC) and 3:30pm(KS)
Thurs, Dec 31, 3pm(TK/AH)
Sat, Jan 2, 2pm and 3:30pm(SB)

Sessions are $200 for one hour and include up to four people (each additional person is $25) and a disk of 25-35 high-resolution images along with a copyright release to make prints at your leisure. Your session fee is due when we meet, at the time of the shoot. I'm not sure the next time I will be in Arizona, so book NOW! :)

Locations are TBD, but will definitely be in the East Valley (Mesa/Gilbert). I will contact you at least 24 hours in advance to let you know the location.

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Kacey's View said...

Sooo jealous of your skills! Photography AND hair accessories. Kari said you would be so kind to share your secrets. ;) As far as locations... I favor the Mesa Arts Center... I don't know if you have ever gone past the Mesa Arts Center... there's some cool ally ways and rustic brick walls and stuff. I recently shot at an abandoned warehouse... trespass at your own risk! haha I know where some really cool railroad tracks are. Gilbert and Elliot is a really cool old town looking area. Um.... I do know of a little place in a gated community that has a small rock waterfall, some greenery, and a little dock extending into a pond... I don't know... I've been kinda dry on my locations. Kari and I have been wanting to go explore. Let me know if any of these places interest you though. I'm sure I'll see you soon!