Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jelly Shoes

Ok, so when I was a senior, I took my pictures in a studio with big plastic numbers '97' (don't do the math, please...), a floral tye-dyeish shirt and jelly shoes. I did mention it was 97, didn't I? Yes, high-heeded jelly shoes were in style. Indeed. How I would've loved to have senior pictures like these. Then again, I didn't have as much style as this girl. She knew how to work it. Me? I knew how to lean against the big plastic numbers gracefully in my jelly shoes and too-thick glamour makeup. Yucka. Maybe if everyone plays the good blogger and actually comments, I will post the aforementioned picture with jelly shoes. Til then, feast your eyes upon the gorgeous Michelle. I posted a bazillion photos from her session because I could just NOT choose which ones were blog worthy. These types of shoots are what makes being a photographer the best job ever. Pure fun.


Sara said...

LOL about the jelly shoes! I wanna see those pics :)

And, wow, those shots are amazing! the girl is gorgeous, no doubt, but you are amazing w/ the photography! love them.

Love your header photo too :)

See? I read!

Johansen Family said...

I have such a BEAUTIFUL sister! The pictures are amazing Clairissa.

Michelle said...

I actually REALLY liked that senior photo of you and remember it well. You looked skinny and cute!

Beautiful girl captured beautifully.

D said...

I have not idea what jelly shoes are, but I would really like to learn. Please post the pictures.

Charlotta-love said...

My favorites all include that blue scarf. Mmm!

I am jealous of your jelly shoes. I had some in first grade but wasn't cool enough to have them my senior year. I cringe e.v.e.r.y. time I see my senior picture. yikes.

katie k said...

gorgeous-ness. and I totally want to see your senior pic now. I had to where a feather boa. i felt ridiculous. oh and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do that mural trade with you!